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This 1-day event is keenly focused on helping you  learn how to Get Clients to Stop Saying NO and Start Saying Yes! The art of running a business is the ability to have the freedom to be YOU!

You can't do that if clients don't hire you.

Having a Lead Means NOTHING!

Freedom To Be Me Event Coming to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

This is usually the #1 STRUGGLE most entrepreneurs and service professionals  face: GETTING CLIENTS who say YES

59% of new  businesses fail by year 3 or most can't earn more than $25,000.00 annually.


  • You're in the infancy of your business or career- you know the technical side of your industry.
  • Getting clients and building a book of business is your number one goal- but it's not happening the way you imagined it would.
  • Building a robust book of business seems like a far fetched pipe dream.
  • You suddenly get someone to hire you but the next customer isn't in the sales pipeline and no one else is paying you enough to keep your head above waters.


  • Questioning your talents and ability to be a successful business owner?
  • Trying a lot of tactics or advise to get clients, but none of them seem to be pulling in enough revenue?
  • Saying "Everyone is my client - I just need money to live and pay the bills."
  • Wondering when all of this will come together so you can experience the payoff of being an entrepreneur?
  • Questioning if it's even possible to make $100,000.00 or was this a lofty goal.


Maybe you feel like I felt when I first started:

  • Fed up with maxed out credit cards

    Bounced checks and overdraft fees that kept me up at night worried. I couldn’t think from a creative place.

  • If I build it they will come

    The website and business card was perfect but still no clients. I ran around networking and showed up like the experts told me too and I still had no consistent clients.

  • Where're The Clients Who Are Ready To Say Yes?

    I only had a short period of time to figure it out – steady  paying clients is what I needed. So how do I get them to say yes before I have to close my doors and admit that I failed?


This is the reason why I'm uniquely positioned to help You- move your business from scarcity to success.


If you're in the first few years of your business or profession and you've had some success with getting people to hire you, but not enough revenue is coming in. You really need some clarity around marketing and a few specific how-to's to set you in the right direction.

Then registering for this event is a must.

Freedom To Be Me Event

Oct. 17, 2015 | Marriott Residence Hotel  4801 Anglers Ave. Ft. Lauderdale FL. 33312


  • Nail your dream client and build a message to hear them say YES
  • Setup a the right marketing strategy and implement the right marketing plan to start generating revenue within 60 days
  • Learn how to ask someone to buy your stuff - even if you feel uncomfortable asking for MONEY (by the way, are you sure you're charging enough?)
  • Learn how to generate a hand full of qualified leads in one day
  • Instantly eliminate procrastination and feeling overwhelmed... get clear on what you need to do every single day to grow your business and create the freedom you desire.
  • Set specific goals and find the focus so you're so you can create the a business and lifestyle you dreamed of.

You have an expertise or  service to sell, but you're struggling to get started.

 I’ll show you the key steps and in the right order to get clients who say yes - Right Now!

The Freedom To Be Me Event Is an Intimate Life Changing Experience

  • It's not an event where you sit in your chair and 20 speakers pitch their products from the stage.
  • It's not an event where you only focus on the business and ignore your inner GPS, that's blocking you from creating your vision.
  • It's not an event where you're fed tons of information with no clue how to implement it.

We want to show YOU how to be successful now.

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You can finally stop asking....

Where do I find my dream ideal clients? What am I really selling and how do I talk about it in a way that makes me stand out and get paid? How do raise my prices with confidence and stop second guessing if I'm worth it.? How do I spend my time in my business ( especially if I have a day job) and get all of the things that really matter done to get clients… how do I juggle all of this stuff and with my other responsibilities?