Has your inner voice been nudging and pushing you to make a change mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

This is your opportunity to attend a rare vision board party with Kay Richardson, author and Women's Business Coach. Kay will share the most powerful techniques that people like Oprah, Steve Harvey, world-class athletes, celebrities and everyday people around the world have used to create the lives they have today.


New Year a New You Vision Board Party is designed to teach you the proven, step-by-step strategies to attract whatever you desire and dramatically improve your life!


Are you thinking...

  • Entrepreneurship is a part of your vision for 2017?
  • A healthy loving relationship is what you desire?
  • A sexy body to feel unstoppable as you step into a new career, more adventures, new car, and home are things you are ready for?
  • Being in a room full of like-minded women focused on growth is where you want to be?

I said if it was on Oprah, then it must be real...

I quietly figured out a way to change the course of my life:

I was a skeptic but I wanted change in my life. I was headed down a dark road to depression, I couldn't see my way out of a lot of things that were happening in my life. All I knew is that I was built for more but that more seemed impossible. I purchased the movie The Secret and a few days later I grabbed a few magazines and create my vision board. I didn't tell my friends or family what I was doing because I didn't know what to expect. But a few months later things started happening in my life. I've attracted love, vacations, a new home,  new income opportunities and so much more. I was so amazed I declared to myself that I would do a new vision board yearly and dump the idea of setting resolutions because I didn't remember two hours later.

With great results under my belt, I lead vision board workshops for organizations.

Now I want to help YOU!

This is the reason why I'm uniquely positioned to help You attract and enjoy the same results!

December 31 2015, my desire was a new home, in less than a year I attracted a new home with a 2% interest rate (I don't have perfect credit).

At this exclusive event you'll receive profound mindset shifts, increased confidence, powerful coaching to manifest whatever you desire. Come have fun in a positive environment with other women with the same intentions who can help you dream bigger and achieve more than you ever imagined.

Registering for this event is a no brainer!

New Year | New You | Vision Board Party

January. 14, 2017 | TBA | Ft. Lauderdale FL.

Your ideal life is so much closer than you think...

Here's what you will walk away with...

  • The secret behind why vision boards work
  • What types of images produce the quickest results
  • 3 pitfalls to avoid when visioning love + money
  • How to use vision boards and intention statements to bulldoze fear and procrastination

The Freedom To Be Me Event Is an Intimate Life Changing Experience

Kay is ready to show you how to be an magnificent attraction magnet

"One in five small business owners used a vision board or other visual representation when starting their business; 76% of those business owners said that today their business is where they envisioned it would be when they started it."

General Party
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    • Copy of What a Woman's Gotta Do ($10.00 value)
    • 15 minute Business Coaching Session ($147.00 value)
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    See What Our Amazing Attendees Have to Say about hanging out with Kay Richardson

    Wayne Dyer's daughter Serena Dyer made a vision board and everything on it came true! "In 2008, I decided to make a vision board so that I could have a visual reminder of the type of person I had set my intention to meet Oprah and Ellen and I did."

    Let's elevate together and live your dreams....

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